Scouting for everyone

Bridestowe Scouts are committed to providing opportunities for all young people to engage with scouting in accordance with the policies of the Scout Association, including the Association’s Equal Opportunities Policy. To this end we provide a Hardship Fund, which is administered in accordance with the guidelines set out below:

  • Grants are not available for termly fees, which must be paid in full every term.
  • Grants are only available for events involving nights away (eg camps, sleepovers) in line with the Scout Association’s policy of providing opportunities for each young person to spend at least one night away per year.
  • Grants can only be made available if the Treasurer confirms sufficient funds are available from fundraising (ie grants are not to be paid out of termly fees).
  • Leaders (the Group Scout Leader in consultation with the section leader) have discretion to issue a maximum of one grant per young person per year for up to 50% of the total cost of the event.
  • Leaders will assess each case on its merits taking account of the personal/financial circumstances of the applicant, the benefit to the young person, how actively the young person participates in Scouting and the extent to which the young person and the applicant actively support fundraising for the group.

Applications for grants must be made in writing to the Group Scout Leader. All such applications will be treated confidentially and the information provided in the application will not be disclosed except as necessary to administer the Hardship Fund in accordance with the above guidelines and the Policy, Organisation and Rules of the Scout Association.

Please contact us for further information.