Bridestowe Cubs and Scouts Camp at Home

Camp Home ScoutsWith Scouting still locked down, join our Cubs and Scouts Camp at Home this weekend 23 May 2010 or any weekend of your choice up until the end of June. Send us your camping photos and we’ll post them here on the website (subject to parental consent) and submit them to leaders for a chance to win one of these fantastic prizes (one each for Cubs and Scouts) when we start back with regular meetings:

Best tent or shelter
Win a travel camping hammock

Best kept camp kitchen
Win a Scouts water bottle

Best outdoor cooked meal
Win as much chocolate as you can eat (well, nearly)

What are you waiting for? Take up the challenge, with a willing brother, sister or parent helper if you can find one, and see if you can complete the following elements of the Cub/Scout Outdoor Challenge at home in the garden:

1. Pitch or build your own tent or shelter

Scout Camp TentSend us some photos of your tent/shelter when it’s done. We’ll be awarding prizes for the best tent/shelter when we start back with regular meetings. Here are some tips, so you know what we’ll be looking for:

  • Find a well chosen site, on level ground if possible, out of the wind.
  • Pitch your tent carefully, with a taut fly sheet and tight guy ropes, and pegs driven down to the ground.
  • Or build your own shelter so that it holds its shape correctly under tension and is tied out to provide protection from the wind and rain. Use your ingenuity, a tarpaulin, plastic sheeting or a tent flysheet, string/cord, tent pegs, trees or boulders, sticks or poles to build your shelter.
  • For a shelter use a ground sheet, mat or hammock to ensure you are raised off the ground for sleeping (avoid sleeping directly on the ground as it will draw heat from your body making it difficult to keep warm).
  • Remember, even though the sun is shining (famous last words!) it can still be cold at night at this time of year. Pack plenty of layers and an extra blanket to keep warm.
  • Oh, and last but not least, a messy tent or shelter never won any prizes!

2. Prepare and cook a meal outside

Scout Camp FireSend us some photos of your camp kitchen setup and your cooked dinner or breakfast. We’ll be awarding prizes for the best kept kitchen and best looking meal when we start back with regular meetings. Here are some tips, so you know what we’ll be looking for:

Bonus tip: if you fancy digging your own fire pit, lift the turf in sections with a spade and you can lay it back down onto cool, wet ground when you have cleared away the cold ashes.

  • A tidy, well kept kitchen set-up.
  • A safe fire/stove area, away from potential fire hazards, with a bucket of water on standby just in case you set fire to the hedge!
  • A clean cooking set-up, showing that you understand about food safety and hygiene.
  • An adventurous, interesting menu.
  • A delicious looking home-cooked meal.
  • Scouting ingenuity, eg marshmallows toasted on your own home-whittled toasting sticks.

Join in with Devon Scouts 23-24 May

If you’d like to take things a bit further, you can join in with Devon Scouts’ Virtual Camp 23-24 May. They have a range of extra activities and challenges for you to try. You can do as much or as little as you want. It’s up to you. And don’t worry if you aren’t able to camp this weekend. At Bridestowe Scouts we’re running our Camp at Home until the end of June, so there’s still plenty of time to get involved.

Have fun and stay safe

On a regular group camp, leaders carry out a full risk assessment and go to a lot of trouble to make sure everyone has as much fun as safely as possible. Obviously, we won’t be there with you for this camp, so this activity will run as a family camp, with parents and young people taking responsibility for their own safety. Please check everything to make sure it’s safe. Most accidents on camp involve cooking, campfires and guy lines – so take particular care with food safety/hygiene, hot fires and pans, and pitch your guy lines out of the way so you don’t trip over them. Have fun and don’t forget to send us your photos so we can see how you get on!

Use of Photographs

We’d like to post your photos on our website and closed social media groups like West Devon Scouts Facebook page so we can share what we’ve been up to. When you send in your photos, please tell us if we can use them for Scouting purposes. We won’t attribute any photos to any specific person and we only use photos where individuals are relatively small in the frame or part of a group, so that individual young people are not easily identifiable. You can help by taking photos with plenty of context (eg, don’t take a headshot but photograph your Cubs/Scouts standing beside their tent or shelter).