Skills for LifeAs we all know, Scouting was suspended during the summer term. The Scout Association has given the go ahead for face-to-face Scouting activities to re-start in a limited capacity from September 2020. Amongst other things, we are limited to outdoor sessions (excluding nights away) and a maximum group size of 15 (including adults/leaders).

Based on our current membership, this creates some significant logistical issues for us. So that we can work out the best way to deliver Scouting to you from September, please complete the survey below to give us a better understanding of our numbers and how we can best support you. Please complete one survey for each young person in Scouting. Thanks.

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Face-to-face Scouting can provisionally re-start from 9 September subject to certain limits and conditions, including a maximum of 15 people (including adults/leaders) in any group at any one time. Only outdoor activities (excluding nights away) are currently permitted. Appropriate measures to ensure hygiene and social distancing will be put in place.
Because of the 15 person limit, we may have to split Cubs and Scouts into smaller sub-groups. We may not have the resources to run two sessions a week. Please tell us if you would still attend if we could only run sessions on alternate weeks.
Please tick all that apply so we know your availability.
We might be able to run two sessions a week if we had regular parent support. Please tell us if you would be willing to commit to this.
We have already lost the summer term fee income, as Scouting was suspended, but we still have to pay our membership and insurance fees in full in January. The situation will be very difficult for us if we lose more fee income for the autumn term. Please tell us if you're willing to pay the full fees (£32pp) even if we have to run smaller groups on alternate weeks.
If you have any other comments, suggestions or feedback, you can tell us here.