Skills for LifeAs we all know, Scouting has been suspended during the national lockdown. Scouting will provisionally re-start at Bridestowe from 21 April 2021. As previously, we will be limited to outdoor sessions (excluding nights away) and a maximum group size of 15 young people.

As previously, we will therefore have to work with small sub-groups. We are currently looking at a model that would allow each sub-group to meet two weeks out of every three on Wed evenings. To help us confirm numbers and plan the best way to deliver Scouting from April, please complete the survey below. Please complete one survey for each young person in Scouting. Thanks.

Note – Some of our Scouts are now 14, when they would normally finish in Scouts. Those members are welcome to join us for one more term over the summer.

Please complete the survey even if you are not planning to join us in April so we know you are not coming. If you don’t complete the form, we cannot guarantee we will be able to find a space for you.

Please complete the survey

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Face-to-face Scouting can provisionally re-start from 21 April subject to certain limits and conditions, including a maximum of 15 people (including adults/leaders) in any group at any one time. Only outdoor activities (excluding nights away) are currently permitted. Appropriate measures to ensure hygiene and social distancing will be put in place.
Because of the 15 person limit, we will have to split Cubs and Scouts into smaller sub-groups, as previously. We are currently looking at a model that would allow each sub-group to run two weeks out of every three. Please tell us if you would still attend if we run a programme on this basis.
Please tick all that apply so we know your availability.
If you have any other comments, suggestions or feedback, you can tell us here.